Teal and peach jewelry

I made these necklaces for Bunny1kenobi in the Color in a Box swap. Her colors were teal and peach, so I did my best to incorporate both in these pieces!

I’ve been hoarding these bits for a while, so it was fun to incorporate them into a necklace! Loved being able to use the flower:

For this piece, I was going for a steampunk vibe with the bird charm. I used Diamond glaze to seal everything in here:

This one was a simple jewelry window that I added some peach lace/trim to:

Thanks for looking!


So pretty! These are lovely pieces! Thank you so much!

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They are all so pretty! I love the teal flower in the first one, and the lively details of the second. I kinda wish I could steal the last one… such elegant minimalism. That’s the perfect little frame to focus attention on that lovely trim. Well done!

So pretty! That chrysanthemum is gorgeous! I love the idea of the bit of crochet doily behind glass

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These are so pretty! Just a lovely combinations of bold and detailed.

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Thanks everyone! They are all very different. I figured if I sent three, there would be at least one that really fit her style! :smiley:

I also really, really like the last one. It was so simple to make – I had never thought of doing that before. I have another window necklace kicking around and I think that will be seeing some trim in the near future too!