Tearing rulers

I’m looking into getting a tearing ruler – does anyone have one they recommend/absolutely don’t recommend?

Relatedly, if your experience is that tearing rulers are useless in general, I’m interested in that feedback, too. Thanks!

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I must lead a sheltered life, I’d never heard of these. I googled, which mostly turned up items for sale. I had to watch a video to discover what you’re talking about.

What an interesting tool. I especially like that you soften the edge with water before tearing. I probably won’t buy the tool, but that technique may come in handy someday.


Yeah, I don’t know that I need one, but it may go on my Christmas list.

I have a cutter with a wavy edge and a a postage edge…but I mostly use special scissors to get other edges.

I also did not know what they were, but now, I think I want one or three… lol.

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Well, if nothing else, I feel honored to have introduced you to a supply you can. . .collect. :laughing: :+1:t2:

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Of course there is a DIY option

I don’t think I want to be burning plastic…but I don’t see any reason why wood couldn’t be used or some nipping pliers. I probably wouldn’t use them anymore than I do my 29 different scissors…lol…leftovers from scrapbooking days…

I would dremel that edge myself. Melting plastic is also not my jam


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lol yeah, I also have a dremel collecting dust…lol