Technicolor Lion

I get the newsletter from Arteza as I love their product. In one from the other week they had this really cool colorful lion. I decided to give it a try. I followed along for drawing the sketch but then did my own thing with the colors. This is using the real brush pens which I love. I wish I had done the face differently color wise, but it’s a first attempt.

I put too much red in the mane so tried to add some more color but the darker colors look black. (the lighter ones were already there). Again, first try but will not be the last.


I really like this! And appreciate your interpretation. I am going to check out Arteza!


I love how colorful he is! Nice!

What a fun, colorful piece!

I like those cute little orangey eyebrows.
Have you considered using a white marker to lighten the area you felt were too dark? Lines, dots, stripes, would add interesting detail and brightness up the darker colors.

I had thought about adding white to it but decided I’d do that on my next one.

Thanks for all the likes and comments on this silly lion!