Teddy Cuddlestuff with Toad

I did a Drawlloween challenge this past October and a few of my drawings turned out so well that I thought I’d share one. This drawing/watercolor is of a character I made named Teddy Cuddlestuff. In this art he has found a giant toad friend.


Teddy Cuddlestuff is so cute and I love how textured his giant toad friend is!

He’s adorable! I love the cute expression on the frog.

We should all have giant toad friends. :heart::frog: It’s such a sweet little picture.

I love the toad friend. and I want Teddy Cuddlestuff’s PJs.

He’s so cute! Nice job with the shading.

I am always waiting for a story book with this character, I totally want to read about his adventures!


Such a cutie, love the name, and i really love the colours you used, great job at the painting

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Good job also could you tell your bear to not just walk up to me and pick me up jk good job


Lol. I’ll let him know the snuggles are not appreciated.

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Lol ok

Haha Glad!

I’d wear those sweet pj’s too, nice! You are an accidental fashion designer with your dressing of the stylish Teddy :blush: