Teen Spirit skull hoodie

Hi you crafty bunch!

Aaaand having worn shorts all last week, I’m back to hoodies again cos it’s gone cold! On the plus side it looks like it’ll be shorts weather next week again :wink: what ridiculous weather!

This pattern is called “Teen Spirit” and I swear I feel like I’m channelling a teenager in this top, or at least the me I would have liked to be as a teenager (if I could have got the clothes in the very few shops that stocked plus sized clothes at the time!)

I unfortunately didn’t have enough of the blue skull fabric to do the arms and hood, so I pondered just leaving it as a cropped t-shirt, but I ordered the fabric in red instead so I could make it all contrasty.

Perfect for keeping out the wind, and keeping in the teenage (ahem times 2 or 3…) angst

Oh, and the stripey top underneath is one of my recent makes also, dark grey with sparkly light grey stripes, but it wasn’t exciting enough to make it to its own post :wink:

:boom: Pattern is Teen Spirit top by George and Ginger

:boom: My stripey undertop pattern is Rave Shirt pattern also by George and Ginger

:boom: Skully french terry was from Frumble Fabrics but looks like they’ve sold out now :frowning:

Hope you like it! :sunglasses:
Loops xx


Looks great! Clever idea to use the contrasting fabric for the sleeves. A friend of mine had the same issue as you as a teenager, she actually started sewing so she could finally wear nice clothes.

I love it! I would TOTALLY wear that! Like, all the time! I LOVE that fabric and the contrast!

You look really cool in this hoodie. The contrasting fabric is a great solution.

I am really amazed by all this clothes making you are doing!

The contrast came out looking really nice! :slight_smile:

Ah! that is so cute! wow, what a fabric. Agreeing with the comments above, that contrasting color fabric looks really great.