Teeny Tiny Backyard Photography

I just got my first brand new digital camera in almost 10 years and wanted to play around with it immediately, so I took to my teeny tiny cement backyard and took some fun teeny tiny photos of things I had laying around. The cabin and teepee are incense burners, so they really came to life when I lit them up.

I guess I should mention that I live in a row home in the city and my backyard is a very small fenced in block of cement that I’ve neglected for a few years but I’ve been spending more time out there the last week or so for a change of scenery. This is a tiny corner where the greenery creeped in from the back alley and I knew if I got really close I could make it look like a lush forest…but It’s just Philadelphia. I still only have one tree on my block and it’s the only tree for blocks aside from that :laughing:

This was shot with a Canon sx740 hs and ever so slightly photoshopped for contrast.


Love the Dinos!


You’ve made your own little world back there! How fun…love the close up shots of the dinos in the jungle!

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Nice! The little house and the dinos hanging out in the foliage=fab!

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So whimsical! I love the ingenuity! Great results too!

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What a great idea to use the fence as the background too. It definitely looks like a lush forest.

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Love the garden arbor :heart_eyes:

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