Teesha Moore Patch bag -flashback from the old site

I am using this bag as an excuse to welcome @Secondchances to our LettuceCraft community! Secondchances is a lady who is full of creativity and kindness! I know she will fit right in. :purple_heart:
Secondchances shared an image of animal TM patches made by @Phizzychick on social media. I told her that I also make TM patches and then invited her to join our group.

So, here is my favorite TM bag. I posted it on the old site, but I’m posting again because I love it so much. I have used this bag A LOT since the photos were taken. The fabric has faded and the strap needs repaired. You could say it developed a patina. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh I love this! So glad you reposted. I forgot about so many treasures from the old site. :heart:

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Welcome @Secondchances! Thanks for the throwback, @MightyMitochondria !

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I remember admiring this when you posted it on the old site…so glad to see it and know that it is still bringing you joy :slight_smile:

I remember this amazing bag because of the awesome little fox in the upper corner. I’m sure it’s still a stunner even today despite the wear and tear. :slight_smile:

So good! I love the addition of beading on the fox patch close up :slight_smile: I will definitely try something similar in the future :slight_smile:

“Support bacteria”!!! This is fabulous.

This is a lovely bag! So glad it has brought you so much joy!

And welcome, @Secondchances !!

@Magpie, it came from a tshirt that says, “Support bacteria. It is the only culture some people have.” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


:rainbow: Well, lookie here! Your awesome craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :fire:

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Those are lovely TM patches and made an incredible bag!

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This has so much character, I love it :heart_eyes_cat:

Wow! That fox is fantastic.