Terrified of using Triple Thick lol

so uh…anyone remember me? :sweat_smile:

my creativity hit an all-time low back in 2020 after I started taking some antidepressants so I hadn’t been making a whole lot of crafty stuff, but within the last maybe 6 months, I’ve been fighting against that lack of motivation and I have done a few things. so yay!

anyway, some years ago I found this awesome little shelf at Target in Bullseye’s Playground for $5. I’m mad at myself for only getting one because I haven’t seen anything like it since and I need another one. I’m using it on my bedside table (AKA a former TV stand) to help keep things organized. however, the stand can’t sit right against the wall, so I wanted to put something under the shelf to keep things from flying off behind the stand. again. I found a cute unfinished wooden plaque at Michael’s (also $5) and it’s perfect for my plans. but…for some reason, the paint I used seems to be cracking a little on the short edges of the plaque (more like a tray), and I was wishing I had some resin to use to fill it in. then I remembered I had Triple Thick and thought I could use that to maybe use as a protective coat over some embellishments to hide any cracks.

so after all that rambling, here’s my question; can I use a bit of like…Mod Podge or Elmer’s Glue to glue things down then go over everything with the Triple Thick? I just don’t want the glue to affect the TT, if that’s possible. I just need a bit of feedback from anyone who’s used this stuff before.

I promise to get a picture of this up once I’m finished with it. and maybe I’ll get some of my other things up too.


I was wondering where you went!!! We had some great crafty times together! Glad you are finding your way back to the community and to feeling better about life!

Sorry, I have used triple thick in the past as a coating, but I don’t know how it holds up or anything since they were on swap items (ATC block).

Sounds like it would be sort of like a fake resin, but it would take a while to dry.

Welcome, back!!! Formerly alwaysinmyroom!!


as friends on Facebook, I knew it was you. :wink:

I tried looking it up on Google, but I didn’t get anything that would answer my question. I did learn that it would take like 7 days at least to be fully cured. I can wait if I have to, so I’m not too worried about that. and I figured it would be like a faux resin, so that’s why I was hoping I could use it the way I want to.

I’m even more terrified of resin so I don’t even want to consider using that. lol


I’ve never even heard of Triple Thick. Skunds like something i need to look into. Im always interested in new supplies.


Face your fears and make some fine mistakes! It’s a great way to learn.


I have no advice, but I am here to celebrate the return of your creativity! Welcome back. :green_heart::green_heart:

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Sorry, I don’t remember you (I have trouble remembering names), but I want to warmly welcome you back anyway!

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Welcome back KK!

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Glad to see that you are fighting your way back to the crafty life!
Sorry, no advice here, but just wanted to chime in to welcome you back & hope you’ll continue sharing here~

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Hey you, hi! Formerly craftylittlemonkey here. I have to look up triple thick now…