Test post for tagging members of a group

Hey @SwapMods, I’m wondering if by doing the @ if you’ll get notified. If so, could you reply yes/no to this thread? I picked you all since it’s the smallest group and I didn’t want to spam everyone :slight_smile:

If the functionality works the way I’m hoping (that you’ll all get notified), I’m thinking this could be useful to setup groups that people can add themselves to to get notified when there are zoom meetups created.

I know I’m not a swap mod, but I’m chiming in with my 2 cents anyway. :slight_smile:

I totally know where you’re going with this and think it’s a great idea! But I think only @sweets4ever has the ability to create groups and add/remove users.

Can anyone confirm or suggest a way we can successfully modify the groups so folks could add/remove themselves?

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Since none of them responded, I’m thinking it might not have alerted them like I was hoping. If that’s the case then using Groups might be a non-starter for notifying multiple members with a single alias.

It should work. We use @moderators in a similar way. (Can another mod reply if the @ worked here?)

I only got notified for the @moderators tag. not the @SwapMods tag
and I looked around yesterday and couldn’t find a way to create a group so yeah I think sweets would have to create any groups.

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I think your swap mods tag will work - it’s in a gray bubble where for some reason Jenn’s original tag wasn’t.

And my poking around resulted in the same.

Although when you use @SwapMods you get this msg

and when you click on 4 people then it shows me in the list but I didn’t get a notice. I’ll check my preferences

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oh good point, I didn’t notice that.

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It’s a really great idea but I’m not sure we’ll have access to the functionality to make it work.

Yeah if people can’t self-serve add/remove themselves from the group I don’t think it would be worth the effort. Thanks for looking into this Abbie and Carlee!

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Weirdly, I only got notice when Geekgirl or Abbeeroads used the @

I wonder if it’s setup so only members of the group can notify members? :woman_shrugging:

I also only got notified when the other Mods notified me. Maybe it’s set up as a special group that only other mods can notify? Who knows what the backend permissions are. It was a good idea though!

Yeah, I have it set so member can’t tag a whole group currently. I didn’t want a spammer to be able to notify a whole big ole group at once. :laughing: I don’t think I can allow members to add themselves to groups, but let me check. It’s been awhile since I fussed around with those.

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