Textured Dishcloth

Here’s another dishcloth. I based it on the https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/saut-dishcloth Saut Dishcloth on Ravelry, but made it smaller.


Dishcloths are a good way to learn new stitches! I like the texture and the color.

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Good job with the stitching. I like the color too. @kaz814 I’ve never used a stitched dishcloth. Can you put them in the washing machine and dryer?

I love the color and the alternating stitches! Very pretty :blush:

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Yes! The texture is from changing from knitting to purling every 3 stitches!

That’s an interesting pattern, I love dishcloths :smiley: and the colour is really nice

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Cool! Thanks.