Thanksgiving/Autumn Spice Tin Assemblage

I’ve been keeping an eye out for a vintage spice tin that gave autumn/thanksgiving vibes and wasn’t ridiculously priced. I finally found one this summer for $1!

All the rest of the doo dahs and whatsits that burst forth from the tin are from stash! The little cobs o’ corn came in a bag of whimsies and whatnots I picked up at a thrift store this fall for something else that was in it.

Most of the original price sticker was still on the lid; I decided to leave it on for just a bit of interest on the back and vintage cred. I added a bit of kitchen twine to the bottom for a smidgen of embellishment as well.

Oops! I did buy on whimsy just for this project: the wishbone. Apparently it’s a Seagram’s “drink hanger.”


The wishbone made me laugh. :wink:

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what fun! I often think I should come up with some thanksgiving type decor. I usually just leave the Day of the Dead stuff up until I buy a poinsettia in mid November.

interesting that Seagram’s would have a “drink hanger” shaped like a wishbone. What’s the thinking there? “If I drink enough, maybe I’ll get lucky”? Or maybe it was for a special Thanksgiving drink…Seagram’s and cranberry sauce with a float of gravy.

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I never had anything particularly autumnal or Thanksgiving-y until we moved here; I was inspired by the hoard of wild turkeys that roam our 'hood to “collect” tacky turkeys and now it’s kind of full-on in November.

Right? I just searched both Ebay and Etsy for “wishbone” and found them. The seller had several. Does Seagram’s make Wild Turkey? That could be it.

UPDATE: That is not it.

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Well that takes me back. My mom had a tin of that poultry spice in the back of the cupboard for years and years when I was growing up!

Fun fall accent piece! Love the little wishbone, as well as the corn and background branches. Nice arrangement!

Thanks, pals!

I got a little of a story with this tin. I found it at an antique store that is on the residential property of the proprietors, a senior couple. She got it from her longtime neighbor who was moving to be closer to the grandkids. It was at least 1/3 full of a yellowy-orangey-tan powder that at one time was a spice blend, but was by then just a spice-colored powder. We do live in a dry climate, so it was still powder and easy to remove! I was under the impression that the neighbor was going to receive the $1.


One dollar! A bargoon. For that Durkee, lol. Looks very good & will certainly be an eye catcher, if not a conversation starter!

This is great! So your style. Love the tin story, too

Thanks, everyone!

This is adorable. Vintage with juuuuust the perfect amount of kitsch.

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