The Art and Science of Incense making, a free class!

Hey friends, the most fabulous community of herbalists, Learning Herbs, just emailed me a link to a free incense making workshop that I know some of you will love. @thanate & @calluna both instantly come to mind but I’m sure there are others. It’s a limited time offer and I vouch for the source. I’ve been following them for years, ever since my kids first got their herbal adventure game Wildcraft when they were really young (still a fave!).
Lesson 1 covers some philosophy and history of aromatics. Lesson 2 starts to get into base materials, aromatics and binders. There are future videos planned, all will be free to watch along with free downloadable work books.

I’m going to give this a try. I’m sensitive to a lot of chemicals and fragrances so essential oils and diy are the natural options for me.


Oooh this is right up my alley. Thanks

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interesting. I don’t do a lot of burning smelly things (my lungs aren’t up to it) but this sounds fascinating.

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Yay! My mad scienting is in great company!
We burn incense on the porch & inside a room we aren’t also inside, my lungs are sensitive too. I love the smell of natural things though, resins & woods. Yum!

Ohh! This sounds really interesting. Thanks for posting!

The third and final video is available today. These are only free for a short time so watch soon and download the hand books now even if you need to save them for later! I’m planning this as a Crafternoon project with my friends who used to come to my house on Saturdays. We are missing each other so much and looking forward to some projects that can be done outside. Wreath making and this one, we can share the cost of ingredients for our first time too. I am super excited about it!

I really loved the lessons, info, and downloadable e-books etc so I signed up for the full class. I will be doing a Saturday Crafternoon session with some local friends to make the basic recipe soon which is very exciting. After that, I intend to try out as many other recipes and techniques as possible. I’ll share my results here with you!