The Artsy Swag Bag

I made a round cross body bag for @endymion :blush:

This is the finished bag. Lovely picture taken by Endymion.

pics from Endymion

This bag was really difficult for me to figure out. I think I’ll try something less adventurous for my next bag project lol

Some work in progress shots:

Starting the embroidery

Making the inside zipper pocket

Cut pieces with fusible fleece

Adding bias tape to the seams since they were visible inside the bag


It came out beautifully! Lovely work!

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Very unusual and really cool.

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I LOVE my new bag! It is so perfect for me, and so arty and unique. Thanks so much!

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You’re definitely very welcome. :purple_heart:

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Wow! Looking at those cut pieces is giving me agita…I can see how it was tricky. But you definitely pulled it off. It’s lovely!!


A lot of work and love went into that bag. I like that it’s a face in the sky, similar to when clouds aren’t really clouds but giant elephants or what-have-you.

Did you make the strap as well?


I did make the strap as well. The strap was the easiest part. I found wide trimming and turned in the edges and sewed down each side. :blush: