The Deer, the Mailbox and a Sand sculpture

These are the only pictures I have that were in an album; the album was mostly destroyed by Sandy. Very little got saved!! Some pics here are all on the one page from the album.

The Stag/deer
A co-worker asked me if I could build a deer for him and had wanted it in a “rearing” stance, so I built the one you see here. He is constructed from ply. That’s him in the middle of my dining room all painted up. And there’s also a shot showing me still working on him. Funny bit here…this was during Christmas time: I had to borrow my son’s truck that had an open back in order to transport this “tall” deer to my co-workers house. The whole ride there, all along the parkway, kids were waving their hands out the windows of cars trying to keep up with me and shouting “Merry Christmas Rudolph!” and “We love you, Rudolph!!” How cute was that!!


Next you will see a mailbox I made that is a copy of my house, the one I was living in at the time. It was my first home. In another picture you will see me telling my mailman how to use mailbox, explaining that the roof lifts up for easy mail insertion. He got such a kick out of that!

…and lastly a picture of my first attempt at sand sculpture.


Anybody here?? I think I wore out my welcome. Time to leave.

Oh no, don’t leave! I just saw this post.

It’s really cool that you built a whole deer! It looks like from the photo that you spray-painted it? How adorable that children were so happy to see him.

Your mailbox copy of your house reminds me of Little Free Libraries that I have seen, although the ones that I have seen in person have not had as much detail. Is it still there at the house?

I can see from the photo that the baby looks life-like. It’s too bad that a photo wasn’t taken until after the wind blew through.

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I love the deer.

All of your work is so impressive! I love that picture of the mailman smiling at the mailbox! Your miniature house looks like you put a ton of time and love into it it came out fantastic!

You clearly have an innate artistic ability! Your first sand carving attempt looks really well done and it sounds like it was very detailed! If I were to attempt such a thing, I imagine I would simply have to call it ‘sand mountain,’ lol.

You have such a wide variety of projects! It’s so fun to see all the different things you have worked on over the years.

What fun memories of transporting the deer to your friend’s house. It was like you were your own tiny parade!

sand baby is amaaaazing!!

Thank you!