The Dream Box Storage Furniture

I’ve been seeing this around pinterest, I’m obsessing with storage and organization and found this several years ago. I love how it all goes together and can be tuck away at the same time, there are different versions of this available over the years created by the “create room company” anyway, I’m sharing some pics online and maybe a feedback from you guys or if anyone built a similar one? Perhaps from an old closet turned into crafting organizers? I have no plans of buying but thinking of making something like that one day.

image image


Wow, this is a really great setup. I love that in addition to how compact/expandable it is, everything is so easy to find and access with the narrow shelving and clear containers. I’m going to keep it in mind.

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Is sure is every crafters dream :heart_eyes:

I looked at these units but ultimately decided against because when closed up they are at least 3 feet deep! That would be awkward in any room of my home. Instead I found a set of 3 book shelves with optional table that look nice in the living room & provide more than enough storage for all my non-sewing supplies.

Baskets keep it tidy so the livingroom doesn’t devolve into a craftastrophe too easily :smile:


Ooh that looks good, i think it’s close enough though, some of us don’t have the luxury of space so I think whatever suits us most, I have a wardrobe same as yours but I don’t have any shelvings so I bought some individual stackable drawer… should be fine :star_struck:

Oh boy!! If I only had the room!!!
I had tons of craft supplies from all the different mediums that I work in, that I had to make “FIT” in here, my tiny apartment. And so every inch of space had to be strategically planned. Didn’t work out too well, tho, because I had to throw out a lot of supplies, which included thousands of dollars worth of jelly beans!!.