The Filthiest Person Alive

When my friend first showed me Pink Flamingos, I was shocked and in awe. It was something I never saw before. Divine imprinted on me. It was wild.

So, fast forward to why I made this…

A friend of mine passed away a couple years ago. They were vibrant and sassy. They did drag. They were a fan of my art. They asked me to draw Divine for them, maybe for a tattoo. They said they had faith in me…

Man, I tried. I really did, but I just couldn’t get it right, so I shelf it. Then a few years after they asked, they passed away unexpectedly. Our whole community mourned, esp our LGBTQ+ community.

Well, I was thinking about them a couple nights ago, and how I wasn’t able to draw Divine for my friend. I had some new 8”x8” watercolor paper I wanted to use, so this is what happned…

Watercolor & Crayon


Great rendition! Sorry to hear of the passing of your friend. Must be satisfying to feel you’ve been able to fulfill your friend’s request, and to demonstrate the faith they had in your skill.


Fabulously done, though a bittersweet accomplishment… :heart:

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Awe. This is awesome. I am sure your friend would have loved it.


Nicely done! It is sweet that the memory of your friend inspired you to try again

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This turned out great! I know your friend would give you a loving “I told you that you could do it”!

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I’m glad you made one more attempt! I’m sure they would have loved this! Your style is very distinctive and I really like it!

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