The first of the Halloween quilts

Finished off the last top I made. First.

Found out I was working tonight with the woman I was planning on gifting it to. So I spent the afternoon getting some simple quilting done and binding.

The quilting is done with glow in the dark. And there are so many glow in the dark prints in it!

It was a huge success.


So many interesting fabrics in this one! Very Halloween-ish!


So cool! You’re inspiring me to finally finish my Halloween quilt!

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My favorite word is “first”…hoping it means there are more to come, as this is gorgeous!!!


Both spooky season and snuggle season are coming, so this is perfect for now! There are so many nifty prints in there, too. I wouldn’t cry if the recipient were to share the GITD, either. :wink: :wink:


Halloween cozy fun! What an entertaining lap quilt and just right for the fall season.

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How could it not be?! It’s so awesome.

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What a great use of Halloween colors and prints. The glow in the dark quilting is a fun added effect!


This is like a dream quilt for me! It’s fantastic. The fact that it glows pushes it over the top for me. I’m so jealous of your friend!!!

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You would never guess this quilt has only been in that house for less than 8 hours.

I love love seeing new owners taking over. :smile:


Love it and also that you included a few of the green patches :smile_cat:

I love the pops of color against the black/white prints. It’s a fabulous quilt!

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:fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: :sparkles: Yay! This fall-tastic project is featured this week! :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: :sparkles:

Wonderful mix of fabrics, and love the inclusion of the glow in the dark ones.

I had the same thought!!!

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So fun and vibrant and definitely says “Halloween!” I love the glow-in-the-dark features as well. Definitely over the top!

This is absolutely amazing. And the glow in the dark quilting and fabrics? Whoa! This is so great. I wish I could give it a million hearts.