The Frankensock

About a month ago I bought a sock loom. I finished one sock and I’m hooked (ha!) Here are some things I learned from it. Although the sock is wonky, I am so proud of myself. I made a sock!!!

Cons: I dropped a TON of stitches. It is kind of hard to get them back with just the hook they give you. I suggest having a large tapestry needle (I have a plastic one) to help you grab the stitch back. I didn’t do this and I wish I had. Make sure you follow their sizing guidelines. The fit is true. This sock is a little snug because I went down a few pegs than what they said. If you are just starting out, it will take you twice as long to make a sock than what they say.

Pros: It is easy. The heel and toe are a little challenging but after watching videos online, it was simple. The sock is really warm. It is a great project to watch or listen to shows by because the majority of the stitches are a straight line. The yarn isn’t too expensive. It takes roughly one skein of yarn to make one sock (7.5 foot size). For a pair, it cost me 10.00 (of course I am not throwing in my time, if that was the case, the socks would be millions of dollars)

Next time when I close the toe, I will use something else besides the yarn or try the other method they suggest. The yarn was way to bulking and I didn’t like the look of it.

I decided that since this sock is snug I am going to use it for a sample. I already have yarn for my next pair. I might try a cuff, but we will see. Also, I suggest maybe making a baby bootie to get the feeling of the loom.


I also bought a sock loom earlier this year! (I got it for cheap when A.C. Moore was closing, RIP) Unlike you I haven’t even finished my first sock yet though. :sweat_smile:
I will use this for inspiration to get back to work on it though!

It looks good for a first try.

That turned out great! It’ll get easier and easier as you go :slight_smile:

Thanks gang!

This singleton sock is an inspiration! First off, it’s really cute and secondly, it’s gotten me very curious about trying this method myself! Someday.

I have a sock loom and have yet to give it a try. I do have some sock yarn, but I don’t think I have 2 skeins of the same yarn. Thanks for letting us know we’ll need 2 skeins! Maybe I’ll order some and give it a try soon!

Bravo! Great yarn choice, its got to be fun to look at while you’re working on it to make up for the times of frustration!

Heck yeah! Good for you dear! Fantastic job learning a whole new craft.

I got a sock loom as a gift to myself last Christmas, and finally got around to trying it out a few months ago. It did NOT go well. I was following the direction from a book, that was written specifically for my loom, but it turns out I was doing the stitches wrong, which I learned by watching Youtube. Honestly, I just got so frustrated that I walked away and started crafting something else. I’m kinda thinking I need several hours while both husband and doggo are out of the house so my focus can’t be interrupted as I practice.