The Grinch -Drawstring Bag

For the Santa Sack swap, because I sadly don’t have the time to get my sewing stuff out, used, and put away, I decided to purchase a blank drawstring bag and jazz it up!

My partner likes the Grinch, so I got fabric markers, and on the front I drew this pretty common, and fun, Grinch image:

Then, on the back, also with fabric paint, I wrote this quote which I felt was appropriate and funny for the swap:

Thanks for looking.


What a timesaving idea for the busy holiday season! I love that you spent the time on personalizing the blank sack! The quote is funny and so appropriate! ha

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This is great!! I might steal this idea if I may

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Of course you may.

There really are so many good blanks premade out there and this is a great use of one!

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Very cute!

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What a fun idea! It looks great.

Super! :+1::sparkles:

So fun!

Love the Grinch! This would make a great gift bag!

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