The House and its Train: Hot Glue Sculptures

I don’t know what I was doing really. All I knew was that I wanted to make a house and and a train out of hot glue and thus this came together.

First off we have the house:

The front:

Both sides and the back:

The roof:

If you can’t tell on the roof there is a chimney and the front of the house has a porch with a little fencing.

Now the train.

Side view:

The other side:


And the bottom:

If you can’t tell each part to the train has four wheels -2 to each cabin, 6 on each side.

Both of these sculptures took a lot of patience. I used an empty sticker page because I found that the cool hot glue didn’t stick too much to the page.

The only material used was hot glue with hot glue being the only thing holding this sculptures together.


Neat! I don’t doubt these took patience; hot glue is uncooperative enough for me when I’m using it for its intended purpose. These are recognizable and awesome!


This is so cool! What a fun idea!

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Amazing! They look like tiny ice sculptures.


Are they built in one piece, or did you make each side and assemble?
Hot glue doesn’t stick to parchment paper, either.

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That train! I would have a lot of burned fingers if that were my project!


Very creative!



Amazing you were able to do this with just hot glue!


I made each side, tire, piece individually then pieced all the pieces together.

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I have made small pieces with hot glue but never anything bigger!

Fun to experiment! (but be careful!)

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