The Jaguar Throne- A family ATC

To celebrate our temple anniversary, I made this card for my husband. It commemorates one of our visits to Chichen Itza, near Cancun. We were able to go inside the main pyramid, known as the temple of Kulkulkan or El Castillo. Inside the pyramid, is another pyramid, which we were able to climb, and at the top, was a jaguar throne, or bench. This is my representation of that throne. (Thankfully he recognized what it was meant to be!) It was a really memorable trip. I don’t think they allow people inside the pyramid anymore. I’m not even sure they allow people to climb the outside of it anymore.


What an amazing memory and way to commemorate your own temple anniversary.


Sounds like a super cool trip! The card is a great way to keep celebrating that memory.

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This is great! I love how you depict memories in your cards.

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Thanks, guys!

This is what the real one looks like:

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So cool!

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Thank you!

We were there in 2017 and you couldn’t climb the pyramid or go inside.

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I’m sorry you missed it. I’m so glad we were there at the right time.