The Little Mermaid Mementos

Hello everyone,
First post here. Hope you all are well and staying safe.
I have been on bed rest for a long while now, and wanted to do a lil wall art.

It is a mixed media, made with watercolors, acrylics, sharpie, and modge podge. The piece is base off my favorite fairytale film growing up, The Little Mermaid (1975). The painting is the dagger, scale, and hairpin left by the mermaid, after she turns to foam on the waves. :ocean::mermaid:‍♀
You can see the inspiration picture here:


I like it! love the background colors.

And Welcome!

Welcome, it’s really pretty!

Very pretty painting and I like that it will remind you of a great childhood memory!

Beautiful colors - very vivid and striking.

Welcome! I really like the contrast of colors. I remember that version of the Little Mermaid too.

Welcome to Lettuce Craft!

I love the splotchy of color on the right! And the overall darker palette. Noice!