The Moon and Other Planets Watercolors

It’s been a very hard week on the West Coast and I hope everyone is safe and well and hopefully enjoying some beautiful rain.

I have been painting moons. Watching Total Recall, Dune, Blade Runner and painting moons.

Today I went to Grocery Outlet and it was amazing to finally leave the house after 6 days. I’m also very thankful I have my house.


I’m really sorry to hear about the devastating fires you and others are experiencing :disappointed: xx

I think your moons and planets are great. I love the one with the purple background :purple_heart:

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I’m glad you are safe! It looked really bad up there. :frowning_face:

Very nice! I love the vibrant colors! My fav is the one with the branch (upper left). :slight_smile: :full_moon:

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Doing my rain dance for the west coast


Such a tragedy but I love the way it inspired you to create. The Orange moon is my favorite.

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Thank you guys! It rained in Portland most of the day yesterday. The air quality went from hazardous yesterday morning to good this morning. What a difference a day makes. I have all the windows open and cleaning the depression out of this home.


I opened my doors and windows yesterday too. Fresh air! I like the vibrant colors you used.

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These are beautiful!! I hope things are getting better for you and everybody affected. Such a rough time you’ve been having.