The Moonstone...completed!

The Moonstone is a Victorian mystery novel by Wilkie Collins. A huge Indian diamond whose weird radiance waxes and wanes with the moon is stolen from a young woman’s bedroom.
Spoiler: I’m going to give away bits of the plot in this thread. Victorian novels are rather tedious to read, so I doubt it’s on too many of your reading lists. Wikipedia has a nice summary.

I love Art Nouveau (even though it is later than the original setting of the novel), and had some lovely pieces to incorporate. I 3D printed the door, mirror frame, side tables, wainscot, and the small cabinet on the back wall. Since there is a strong India thread in the book, I used several decorative elements from there, too.

I won this bed in my mini show’s raffle last year, and wanted to use it for this year’s show. Our theme is “Books and Nooks”, so I picked a book that featured a bedroom!

This year’s show will be held at the Tucson Woman’s Club
6245 E. Bellevue St., Tucson, Arizona on October 29 & 30th, 2022.
I’ll be at the raffle table all day on Sunday, come say hi if you make it to the show!
Show & Sale - TMS - Tucson Miniature Society

The room is all mossy greens sparked with red and orange, but the night sky really just HAD to be blue. So I added a couple other blue elements to tie it in; this parrot, and a book on the bed.

The diamond was stored in her “Indian cabinet”. I designed and 3D printed this, with lots of finials and “carving”. It’s my current favorite piece of furniture. The stone in the crest is opalite, which looks like the semi-precious stone called moonstone. The diamond necklace has not yet been stolen; see it’s weird pinkish glow?

Top view; it’s in a case with clear front and top.

The rug started out as a piece of green velour. I was thrilled to discover that Sharpie markers colored it beautifully. Plot spoiler: one character in the book sleepwalks because he has been dosed with laudanum, which is made from opium poppies. Poppies were a popular design theme in Art Nouveau, maybe because everybody was using laudanum…

The wires sticking out of the floor will hold the bed frame in place. Since this is going to the show, pieces have to be fastened down securely. I used a lot of wire and glue, plus a little blutak and mini wax.

The bed drapery and comforter are all bits of recycled silk saris. The “wallpaper” is cotton quilting fabric.

I posted the wall with the fireplace several weeks ago, but here it is fully dressed.

An Indian goddess and some elephants. I have a lovely large elephant with gleaming gold trim that I was planning to incorporate, but it was made in Thailand, and doesn’t look Indian.

I painted the mirror with clear satin spray so it doesn’t reflect things like a viewer’s face or camera.

Everything was from stash. It’s nice to give it a chance to be seen!


Wow! It’s amazing! Can’t believe you 3-D printed so many of the elements and drew the design on the carpet with Sharpies!

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So gorgeous! All the little details are amazing. Great job!

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Hot dang! You’ve made so much (tiny) detail and seem to have really captured the themes of the book! Thanks so much for sharing so many pictures so we can really look at all of them. I especially appreciate the top view and that rug is swoon-y.

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wow…this scene not only used your artistic creativity but some structural creativity as well…like anchoring everything down invisibly! Love all the details…that little cabinet is so detailed for such a small piece. Great job on the rug as well…it is beautiful just on its own.

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I love it all, and extra love that it was all stash. I really appreciate when the stash comes through! Great choices and i agree the rug really shines.

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Wowwwwweee wow wow! This is absolutely stunning! So many amazing details! I hope I’ll get a chance to see it in person!

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Just…wow. So many tiny details. I also love that Indian cabinet with the necklace peeking out. I can’t believe you designed and printed it! Amazing work.


This is super cool!


So beautiful and sooo much detail! This is awesome.

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I am in awe - that is amazing! Your attention to details is incredible!

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