The Old Garage

Photography is a passion of mine and I love finding interesting or unique perspectives of things. There’s a “living museum” in the area that has old buildings on the property set up with time-period accurate decor. One of the buildings is the old garage complete with a real old model-t car, old tools, equipment, etc.

I took this shot and did some sepia color adjustment to it and added some film grain to give it an old time look. I like how when you first look at the picture, you can’t really tell what year it was taken.

The Old Garage by May Turner, on Flickr


This is an actual garage where someone does work? It is fantastic! Great capture.

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Interesting shot – there is so much to keep the eye interested, and quite a story being told!

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No, it’s just a “staged” garage showing time period accurate tools and equipment. But it looks like it really could be still in use which is part of what I liked about it.

That’s a cool photo of a cool garage, love the sepia effect :smiley:

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