The Perfect Tea Box

I start every morning off with a cup of tea. And every afternoon with another cup. Needless to say, I have a lot of tea laying around the house!

However, for a while I had one big problem. All these individual boxes of tea were crowding my countertops! And not only that-they looked kind of tacky!

A solution for my tea drinking habit was much to be desired! And then, one day it came to me! A tea box! But not just any tea box! A free tea box made from materials I already had!

And so it began, a craft project that ultimately provided much value to me once it was complete!


This is just lovely

My tea stash waves hi to your organized stash. :wink: Love these!

Clever and cute solution!

And now you be all classified and organized.

Cute idea! I have a significant tea stash as well…… :thinking:

Aw, these are so cheery!

Great solution! And I like the design of the boxes! Now I’m thinking about creating something similar for tea storing. Thanks for the idea!

Thank you! Glad you like it! ❤️