The Story of the Cute Thieving Bunny Rabbit

Once upon a time, there was a very dapper and cute bunny rabbit.

While this bunny was very cute, he was also a thief! He loved to steal carrots from the garden. He gathered them in his little wheel barrow.

When he wasn’t eating carrots he was lounging in the lettuce, doing bunny stuff.

And while the farmer was indeed mad at him for eating all the carrots and hanging out in the lettuce, she soon forgave him because he gave her that sweet little sad bunny look. She was a sucker for the sad bunny look.

The End


This is super duper adorable! :heart:

This is soooooo sweet and adorable! The last page reminds me of that bun in the cabbage toy on The Repair Shop!

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Utterly adorable. Can’t stay mad at that cute little bunny face!


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This is adorable.

Amazing and overflowing with cuteness!

This is incredible! You must have worked on that for AGES! So much adorable detail, ack! Super cute.

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Aaah, he is too cute!! He’s exactly like the white bunny who visits our garden :rabbit2: :heart: So beautifully made!!

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I’m a sucker for that sad bunny look too :blush:. This is really cute!

How cute is this??

This is DARLING!

Yeah, he would be allowed to nibble all the veg in my garden too. So cute!

how dare you make the cutest thing eeevvveeerrr!

Awww, this is so so cute!

I just discovered working with felt. This is so cute and I can appreciate how much work it was now. Amazing and adorable.

Adorable!!! I love his little blushy bunny cheeks!