The Sun & Moon Tarot Shadowcaster

For the Light It Up Swap, I settled on the idea of making a shadowcaster: something that casts a deliberately patterned shadow. My partner, @steiconi had tarot as one of her themes so I made a tiny cabinet inspired by the Sun Tarot card. The cabinet has a dual light feature. One light lights up the faux stained glass sun, the other creates a moon shadow cast. Sadly the shadow isn’t a super defined moon, but I like the pattern and stars nonetheless.

The Front:

With light on:

The sides:

The back:

Shadowcaster in action:

I built the cabinet from scratch using balsa wood. I made 2 inner chambers, each with their own lights so that just the sun can be turned on or just the shadowcaster and additionally so there’s no light bleed from one chamber to the other. The moon was cut from black vinyl using my Cameo machine and applied to a pane of plexiglass cut to fit the cabinet.

See below for a bajillion in progress pics!
The sun shape was cut using a craft knife.

Base assembled (I made grooves in the sides for the sun panel to slide in).

My little hills and horse all painted.

The inner chambers and cutout on the side for the light switch (each side has one).

The faux stained glass was made on semi-opaque plastic and by swirling alcohol markers to create a streaky pattern.

And here are the two tarot cards that inspired the overall design:

I made sure to include key aspects of the Sun card: the sun, yellow flowers, a white horse, and the red of the banner.


What the what?! This is incrediballs! WOWZERS!


So cooooool!


It is spectacular, and I am proud and pleased to be its new owner!


This is phenomenal!! Wow!! I’m in awe of every detail.


Wow, what a neat project! I love seeing the construction pics. It’s clear that you put a lot of time and effort into the piece and it really paid off! I really like the 3D shadow box effect you created and your painted pieces look great. That glowing sun really sets off the scene and that moon design looks beautiful all lit up.

I love that this is the idea that you settled on for the swap. It’s so unique and whimsical!


Very well done! Thanks for including progress shots.

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Holy mackerel! This is super cool!

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I am fascinated with this! I love your process pictures to help explain how this works. Your details and care in making this are wonderful!

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Wow!!! This is amazing and beautiful!!!

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Thank you, @Magpie, @Camelama, @Abbeeroad, @AudiobookLover, @Manders, @Rlynn, @AIMR, and @Bunny1kenobi!

@steiconi, I’m so glad you like it! It was a fun challenge and you were a joy to craft for. The end result is a variation of my original idea - I was going to attach a fortune teller art doll to the cabinet top with her skirt framing the tarot scene. But I liked the elegant simplicity of the cabinet on it’s own in the end.


I was going to attach a doll to the top of your dome!

Just kidding, but I have thought of doing that for some project some time…

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Holy amazingness!!!

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Wow, this is so cool!

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Thank you, @Kwality570 & @endymion!

:sunny: :sunny: :sunny: Congratulations! Your Shadowcaster is a Featured Project this week! :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face:


Eeee! Thank you!

This is epic!

I love seeing the process pictures as well.

Absolutely AMAZING!

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Thank you!