The tencel of doooom

Meep! My first post!
This yarn took me 3 years. (Ok on and off, and really mostly in year one and 3 months of year 3, but whatever)
100%tencel, 2 ply, thin and fine and drapes and shiny.


OMG, that is gorgeous and SO thin! I am in awe.

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That looks ridiculously beautiful, but uber slippery. I wish you well, and cannot wait to see the FO!!

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:eyes: x 1000

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Shiny and smooth…kudos!
Whatcha gonna make with it?

It’s like a frikken cobweb, how even did you…?

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My mom is going to weave it into a scarf or something. We thought to dye it as well… I’ll update as I get pics! Could be a while tho… moms got a backlog of projects

Patients and perseverance. Part of why it took 3 years too!

:+1: The finished project will be lustrous!
I have some tencel fiber that has been in my stash for too long. Your beautiful spun fiber is nudging me to spin my stash.

That is just mind boggling. WOW.

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Great job. I tried spinning straight viscose bamboo 2 years ago and gave up. It’ way harder than wool and I imagine tencel is too. Yay for perseverance.

@loves2experiment, break it out! It’s slippery, and doesn’t need as much twist as you think. It’s kind of weird that way. No need to spin it this fine either… that was a request from my mom and she’s lucky I still love her lol

@meleriffic, it’s pretty similar to bamboo viscose. Super slippery. Next time I spin this I’m probably going to try over the fold. I Short forward drafted this, and I was exhausted. Lol my next project is a long draw.

Gorgeous! What kind of wheel are you using?

@Belladune ah, the things we do for family. I am planning on it! Wonder if I should dye it before spinning. Hmm. Thoughts?

@photojenn, it was my Ashford Traveller. 10:1 ratio.

@loves2experiment depends if you want a flow of colours (before) or if you want to be more In control of the way the colour hits the yarn. (After)

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That looks so slick and luxurious - and something I am not allergic too :wink:


Looks like it would be awesome for embroidery too, would make a lovely finish on some satin stitching.

Ooh! Yes Avaria! Such a shiny surface, and would lay nice and flat too.

That is crazy gorgeous!
Have you ever spun satin angora (rabbit) fiber?

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Hi Lupawulf!
Yes, the odd time or two. Nothing as serious as this one tho.

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