The Tipsy Gypsy Wagon

Here is my colorful take on a portable bar made from a gypsy wagon from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.

Here’s a view from above.

I included a little picnic area on the rear bumper.

Step up and place your order!


All the tiny things!!! So great!!! Trying to see if there is a picture in the crystal ball…

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Thanks so much!

I love this so hard!!!

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Thank you!

the bubbly in the glass is awesome…nothing like a snack and your fortune told together!!

Right?? Thanks, AIMR!

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I would be more apt to listen to the fortune once I had a few of those cosmos… :smiley:

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Such BIG goodness in such TINY things!

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Thank you!

Very cute! I love the colors!

Do you work for Gypsy Soul? What is the Education Team?

Thank you! No, I don’t work for them, I am a member of their design team.

Oh cool! What is a design team?

Thanks! A design team is a group who make art and write tutorials for a craft supply company. Lots of companies have them, like Graphic 45, Prima, Alpha Stamps, different scrapbook paper and stamp manufacturers. Just google ‘design team call’ if you’d like to see what is currently available. Gypsy Soul is having one right now. Here’s a link.

Huh - that’s an interesting business model. Esp as you indicate other companies do the same. Thanks for the info!

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I love everything about this, and I want to head over there for cocktails with all my LC friends right now. :tropical_drink:


What an awesomely fun concept perfectly executed! I love this!!!

And Yes! Let’s all meet up here in…5?

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Tipsy Gypsy XD I love the name, and the whole thing is really cute :smiley: adorable bottles, cheese and fruit. I think my favourite part is the “wallpapers”

Thank you! Those are some gorgeous scrapbook papers from Graphic 45.