There Are No Mistakes Affirmation

The other day I did a bunch of paint pourings, and even played with mica powder! I needed to get sealant. I didn’t want to buy the expensive resin, so instead -for whatever reason- allowed my brain to think that gesso spray that clearly said is white (duh gesso!), would be okay. It was right next to a different spray. I also didn’t want to paint on a sealant with a paint brush.

So, of course, instead of choosing one of my lesser liked trials, I went full out and sprayed it on one of the 5x7s I really liked.

Can you guess what happened?


I gessoed it.


Now, I don’t have a before picture or a picture of it gessoed, but in art one can choose to believe that:

There are no mistakes, but happy accidents!

Luckily for me, Mr. Clean Magic eraser was a miracle! You can kinda tell what it was prior to my happy accident!

If all goes well and I get the art teacher job, I will bring it to school and use it as an encouragement example for the kiddos!

Thanks for looking.


I never knew there was gesso spray paint, so learned something new…I think you did a good job turning this around…good example for the kids!

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This sounds so much like the type of thing I would do! I’m glad you were able to turn it around. What a great sentiment to teach the kids!


Cool, looks like a printed textile!


Before you put the writing on it, it looked like an impressionistic garden.


I don’t know what it looked like before, but it is gorgeous after you magic-erased the gesso!


Thanks so much everyone! I guess it just wanted to be something else entirely!


This is fun!!! And it makes for a great example for kids!