Thing-A-Day February Craftalong 2020

Those are really beautiful…

I get what you mean about “process”…I have been wanting to do this daily technique lab for paper for a few years…the focus is giving tools and ideas and not on any finished product…a time for reflection and thinking more about what I really want to do creatively…

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29/29 … I made it … everyday !!

Thanks @AcadianDriftwood for getting this going, it really helped keep me motivated. (I’ll never be able to get the ARcadian out of my head now after seeing it beside your name for awhile)

A row today brought me to this stage … I’m going to put it aside for a few days to finish the shawl I started in January.


Congratulations on making every day! It is so vibrant and beautiful!


I didn’t craft craft every day. But I still pushed myself to be more craft focused this month so I’m very happy.

Good job to everyone else on what they did!!


Sun sets on the final day…

I spent some time carving this trick book. When wrapped as a gift, my partner will never guess that the package contains a game!

:clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3: Hooray! That’s amazing!

I only missed one day, and I feel very happy with that. I made many things that I wouldn’t have gotten around to if I didn’t want to have something to show you all. A D&F spring cleaning challenge project, a masterboard and ATCs, lizard earrings… this was a fun month! Even when I was plopping down in my crafting chair at 10pm thinking “come one, just think of one little thing to do for 15 minutes.”

Thank you everyone who played along and gave us your energy, no matter how many days you did. :purple_heart:


I am working on another shawl…thanks for hosting this, @AcadianDriftwood! It made me conscious of how I wanted to spend my time…and also, a few rows or steps done daily eventually led to a project being done instead of turning into yet another WIP!

I was able to do something everyday…I like that…I hope I can do most days for the rest of the year, or at least be aware of not going too many days without doing something creative!

I loved seeing people post everything from huge projects to meals for everyday!

Here is to a great March…remember we still have a lot of craftalongs we can use to keep us focused…or maybe someone wants to start a new one? Have fun and happy crafting all!


Wow, everybody has been so creative this month.
Unfortunately I didn’t get done very much. I basically added new UFOs to my list.

Life got in the way and I’ve been very busy at work. But I guess it’s ok because, with a couple of new projects to take care of, work finally got interesting again. It had been extremely dull in the past months and I’m not too happy with my boss. Well I’m afraid that’s not going to change anytime soon.


@AcadianDriftwood is there going to be a March craft along?
I’ve really enjoyed this thread :smiley::smiley:

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If not, we can all head back to the year-long 50 things thread.


Or jump in and start one?


I’m pretty sure the tradition with this Along was just for February. Since it’s the shortest month, and there are no major holidays, it’s a good one to push yourself to craft more.

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I would like to keep Thing-A-Day to a once per year special craftalong. @MistressJennie is right; we choose February because it’s the shortest month so we get a little advantage on completing it. For many people, it’s hard to maintain this pace for much longer and I don’t want folks to burn out on it.

I agree that 50 Projects in 2020 is a great place to challenge yourself throughout the year (some people up that number to suit them) and Snapshot is also a good thread the share what you’re currently working on.


I agree…I tend to burn out or lose interest if things go on too long…I have the attention span of a gnat…I do love the Snapshot…it is short and sweet and instant gratification and motivation, especially if you are using your phone!


I’ve been using this thread since the purpose was a thing a day, but now I will go back and use snapshot because it’s a great thread too!


I think snapshot also keeps you accountable–when you let people know what you are working on, you are more apt to finish it! :smiley:


For those of you who want to keep going with posting things often, in addition to Snapshot & 50 Projects, consider joining one of the ongoing Craftalongs like the Harry Potter Craftalong or the Nerd Games. They are great places to be inspired, and cheer each other on, while also holding yourself accountable. Despite how the names might make it seem, you are welcome to post ANY crafts in those craftalongs, not just Harry Potter or Geeky themed items. The terms for HPC are 4 months, and for the Nerd Games 3 months, and both are open to joining at any time.


I am so sorry, TroubleT! PM me if you need to talk. :heart:

Now that they’re finally posted, I can share these here. These were two of my ‘secret’ projects over the course of last month. Itty bitty dragon egg dice bags. They each measure just 1.5" tall! Just about the size of a standard D20. (Shown here next to one of my full sized versions.)


Why is everything so much cuter in miniature! Those are so nicely done…and the tiny dice…

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My mom always says, “Little is cute, big is funny!” as she shops at costco or Bj’s and picks up things like ginormous tuna fish cans. :slight_smile:

Those dice bags! Gack! so cute, I’m dead. :skull:

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