This Bottle Is 15% Yak

TheMisterT has a Hydroflask that was branded by a former employer whose logo he isn’t particularly interested in seeing all the time even though he is interested in using this very nice water bottle. He asked if I had a sticker to cover it with and I said I’d look around.

While settling down to peruse Etsy for a sticker, I came upon svg files for sale for water bottles! None that were going to work for this, so I decided to look up one of his favorite animals in svg format: weasels. THEN the weasel svg I clicked was from a store that showed me a yak right off the bat and THAT reminded me of our favorite joke from the TV show Plebs, “It’s 15% yak.”

So I bought that yak svg and added the 15% to it, cut it with vinyl I had on hand, and stuck it to his bottle. It doesn’t perfectly cover the old logo in opacity or otherwise and it’s not heat set, so we’ll see how long it lasts. I’m pretty sure the 15% Yak file will find it’s way onto at least one more thing, though!

Couple of details:
I have since fixed the air bubble.
This store has TWO YAKS and yet ZERO CAPYBARAS! The heck?


Fun fix! I don’t know the show/reference but it when things come together like this.

15% yak 100% awesome!

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Nice coverup! Take that old company!

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BTW, SOMETIMES acetone will remove those old logos. I have a few that I’ve wanted to get rid of and it’s worked well. May have a light ghost of it but not too bad!

Thanks! This is one etched into the metal, but should we end up with a painted/printed one I will try that.

Nice! Great to inject a little humor into life! But you do that so well, anyway…!

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They wanted to make sure it didn’t come off then!

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I love it when a joke works its way into a project! Its awesome.


Congratulations, this is one of this week’s featured projects!

WOW! Thanks! This is a surprise!

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