This Bun is a La La La La Little Bit Alexis - A Schitt's Creek-inspired Jackalope!

When I pulled out the Easter decorations, I noticed that this faux chocolate bunny that I made a few years ago was FOR SURE making an Alexis Rose pose!

So I decided to give it a temporary makeover by making the “A” necklace she wears for the last season or few out of a gold “A” from my letter board letter stash and gold embroidery floss. Then I added a sparkly headband to evoke her first season looks. It’s made from a strip of adhesive rhinestones on a length of satin ribbon.

The “chocolate grass” in the basket had fallen apart last year or so and had already been replaced with this green paper grass, but I did swap out the white-stained wooden egg for this gold plastic one peeking over her shoulder.



It is “boop!” worthy!



:joy: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: I should maybe go back and get a pic of me booping her!

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I couldn’t resist.


She’s (it’s?) a little bit single, even when she’s (it’s) not.

Love it!



I don’t know this reference, but I love a jackalope! It looks like real chccolate too.

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She’s (it’s) a Lamborghini. She’s (it’s) a Hollywood star!

This is me with Harry Potter, Minecraft, etc.!

Thanks! I think I followed the recommendation of someone I found online to find the right brown spray paint.


I’ve heard of Schitt’s Creek but know virtually nothing about it. Still… cute chocolate jackalope!

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Love the temporary do-over!

I definitely love the paint job…but I would be afraid someone would steal it thinking it was real chocolate! lol

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Thanks, friends!

This is me on virtually every crafted-for Fandom! Or children’s book/show/toy line.

Ha! Well, luckily TheMisterT doesn’t really care that much about chocolate and Delia can (and has) smelled the difference!


This is simply the best…better than any bun, any bun I’ve ever known.

For real, though, I wouldn’t have seen the Alexis pose on my own, but you’re SO RIGHT about it. Well done.

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Too funny!

Thanks, pals!

:rofl: :rofl: :revolving_hearts: