This incredible sewing portfolio (?) From 19 century

This is a link to a thread about the book. It’s Irish and incredible


That is impressive! I wish I could see more of the pages. I can’t imagine something like that being made today…

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I know my grandma made something similar in school in the 40s, except not with so many pretty samples because she never liked sewing. Just the basics, a skirt, a blouse. And if you get a formal education as a seamstress these days, you still have to make books full of samples. My sewing teacher had to make them.


Incredible! What a book. I’d love to turn those pages.
I made a sample book in school but I didn’t keep it. It was just hems, seam finishes, pockets, zips, placket etc. Boring stuff, no nighties or corsets.


WOW! That is beautiful!


I love this - and will need to follow this Reddit thread as well! thank you for sharing, edel!

Meh, the Reddit thread seldom has cool stuff like this!

I thought it was a needlework thread I hadn’t seen yet.