Thoughts on making home made almond milk

I had watched a vid ealier today on almond milk, and it got me to thinking…

And while watching a few videos, something struck me rather odd. They all said to use raw almonds…:thinking: but I happen to remember that almonds can’t be sold raw…:no_mouth:.

The oddity grows.

(I’ll update this from my computer, and in a little bit. Am still hunting for info, :no_mouth: which is turning out to be another fun hunt. :roll_eyes:).

Here is a pdf that lists the amounts of amygdalin within the different varieties of almonds. Quantification of amygdalin in nonbitter, semibitter, and bitter almonds

Wikipedia page on Amygdalin.

National Library of Medicine on Carrageenan The Role of Carrageenan in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Allergic Reactions: Where Do We Stand? (Not found in the ingredient list above, but had found videos stating it is in some store bought almond milks)

Questions I’m trying to find out:

  1. What effects on the digestive tract might amygdalin have.

  2. How many cups of almonds would be per package.
    1 lb of almonds yields 3.49 cups (as per ). So as per the recipes I’ve found, 1 lb. package of raw almonds will make almost 14 cups of almond milk. (About 0.875 gallon).
    Prices between $11.00 to $18.00 (Differing size packages, so values will not be correct, but a rough estimate of costs). $0.78 to $1.28 per cup of almond milk…When ordered from online sources (So expect a large part of that cost to be the shipping and handling as if purchasing only the almonds).

    Walmart (Great Value) brand of unsweetened almond milk, 64 oz (8 cups). Costs $2.44 ($0.305 per cup)

    Almond Breeze brand of unsweetened almond milk, 64 oz. (8 cups). Costs $3.38 ($0.4225 per cup)

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By raw they mean unroasted, same as with cashews. Almond milk is easy, soak them, puree in a blender until they are finely pulverized, strain through a nut milk bag (you can use a new paint straining bag, it’s the same thing. The pulp is not nice to drink but can be used in baking. The sunflower lecithin gives it more of a creamy texture, it’s very thin and light on it’s own. It will separate quickly but just shake to combine, and use within 2-4 days after making.

the amygdalin thing is really more about bitter almond, those are apricot kernel seeds. Some people consume them for the B-17 content, or laetrile, but they can be quite deadly so I just wouldn’t eat those at all personally.


I recently saw a video about saving a fortune by making your own oatmilk; super cheap to make, huge markup in the store.

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The vid I had watched mentioned something about carrageenan being added to some almond milks. still searching for info on that. The ingredients I posted above didn’t list it in the one I have, but felt it was worth to look into a little more.

Yeah! That’s what I’ve found. I just wanted to research a bit as the last I remembered companies weren’t allowed to sell any almonds because of that. Plus, with how much I love these drinks, it’d probably be best I get informed about it before I actually go too far. this last almond milk was strong with almond flavor, and that means I am way too prone to endulging way too much, heh!

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I use organic almond milk concentrate…just one ingredient: almonds. You do have to stir it up since the oil separates, but easy enough to do if you buy the smaller containers. I add about a tablespoon to my smoothies or make a quart or so in the blender to use for cooking and cereals. It’s not cheaper than the generic brands at grocery stores, but I don’t want all the additives.

A pound of almonds is about $14 and will make one gallon. Joi makes a little over 2 gallons for about $20. Cheaper, faster and easier for me.


A couple of years ago, a man got cyanide poisoning in my local train station. At first there was a lot of panic, how can a person suddenly get cyanide poisoning in a public place? Turns out he’d been eating a bag of apricot kernel seeds that were apparantly sold in the health food store in the train station. Small print on the bag said you could only eat a handful every day. Didn’t say you’d die from cyanide poisoning if you ate more. I was very surprised that it was legal to sell something as dangerous like that without a proper warning. I think legislation changed after that.

what an interesting discussion! I learn the most interesting things here

and @AIMR , I think I would use the concentrate as well. I believe I have seen ads recently for Joi. I’ll have to look at it more closely

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I’ve never heard of this! I buy organic Califia or Malk because they are just almonds, water, and salt, but they are not cheap…

I have tried their cashew nut concentrate as well…I first bought these during the pandemic when I was wasting store bought half gallons of “milk”…I really want to try the hemp hearts milk but they only sell it in a huge tub for $$$…if I don’t like it, it would be a huge waste…has anyone tried hemp milk?

I found a small hemp one (only hulled hemp seed) and tried it. Flavor is not bad. I’d put it alongside the thicker oat milks, with a strong earthy/nutty flavor. (did grab a sweetened one, Rice syrup). Also, this one states on the front it is carrageenan free.

Also, I found a macadamia milk…Oooh! that is smooth. I’d place it alongside the regular almond milks. I can definitely taste the macadamias. Will have to try it in the buckwheat pancakes.


I love the taste of macadamia! I will definitely look for that…I don’t mind a nutty taste for eating cereals and for cooking…wow…learn something new all the time!