Three Cardstock Tissue Box Covers

I have literally been looking for tissue box covers for years. I just never find any that I like that would also work for my interiors. Then two days ago svgcuts dot com put out a “kit” for 3 different types of tissue box covers (unrelated to current events) and for FREE through 3/17/20!

So far, I have made three! I keep a hankie in all my coat pockets, but I also have tissue boxes all over the house for my sensitive nose skin. It has been another great way to use some pretty or cool papers that come in 12x12 pads that aren’t suitable for most of my other paper projects.

I can see myself maybe doing seasonal versions and I will for sure be making a few more for other rooms. With the panels on the top and sides, as well as glued down flaps around the bottom opening, they are quite sturdy and I think will last a long time. They are also rather snug around the tissue box so it doesn’t slide out when you’re grabbing it to pass to your sniffly companion!

All of these were made entirely with stash and cut with a digital cutting machine.



Very attractive!


Thanks, pals!

These are so pretty! What a great idea.

Way to customize! I’m making a VW bus for the man, he’s such a hippie, ha.

Oh, those are spiffy! And from stash, yet - win-win!

Thanks, y’all! I’m ridiculously chuffed with them… because I am an old.