Three of Swords - A Tiny Cross Stitch

This is another project that will be part of a more intense miniature project. The pattern is from Night Spirit Studio. It was originally intended as a mini using 14ct aida. In order to make it fit frames I already had, I used 28ct.

I also modified the corner details to fit this rectangle and changed up the floss colors to use stash. I did end up buying the metallic purple for the little detail bit, but every other part of the project is from stash.

The frame came from @lady4feet and was PERFECT for this project! It was originally a white resin with some grey details. I painted and gold leafed it with faux gold leaf for a distressed, antique-y look.

Snootle shot for scale.


Love it! Love the tiny gold leafed frame, love the deep purple and black stitching, love the whole vibe! Can’t wait to see what you’re making. :purple_heart: :crossed_swords: :eye:


Mind-bogglingly small stitching! Love the gold leaf effect!

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That is awesome

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Oh, those tiny stitches! I love everything about this.

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Love love love this!

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Okay, I always love when someone sneaks in a little fur baby pic!
This is so amazing! I can’t believe you are working on things this small. My head would melt. It is absolutely amazing. Love the little touch of metallic too.
Can’t wait to see where this ends up!

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Thanks, everyone!

For realz! There are not much over 200 stitches in this and it took 3-4 days, because I could only work on it a little at a time, even though I could work on it through the magnifying lamp.


The word “INSANITY” comes to mind. :joy:


This is beautiful!! I love it! I can’t wait to see what you are putting together over there!

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28-count?! This in itself is amazing, nevermind what you actually stitched AND the awesome frame you altered!

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Love it! did you just use a standard backer to fit it in the frame?

Love it! Can’t wait to see the rest of the project! I’m thinking…all the cards??


Thanks, y’all!

Ah, no. This frame doesn’t have the little lip for inserting a backer - it was designed as an embellishment and is just flat. Sooooo, I cut a piece of cardstock just a smidge smaller than the outside measurements and then cut the evenweave just a smidgen smaller than the cardstock and glued it to the cardstock. Then glued the whole thing to the back of the frame.

Hmmmmm. What do you think I would lose first: my eyesight or my mind? :wink:


Insanity of the best kind, yes! Amazing!

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So ambitious!

Honestly, if you did all the prep work FIRST, I think it could happen (pull the floss, cut the fabric, print the patterns). And used it as an ongoing project, it wouldn’t be so bad. They are very wee.

Sadly, this is the only pattern she has. Someone should totally do it!

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Love it! I have some molds for different resin frames so maybe when I get that crafty space reclaimed I may play!

OMG! That would be awesome! I will try to remember to get a photo of the back in daylight.

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So tiny and adorable! I LOVE the gold frame with it. I can’t imagine working that small. I would probably need a microscope, not a magnifying glass to work that tiny. :slight_smile: