Three Tiny Fairy Tins

Altoids tins are fun to alter, but I have a new love in these oh-so-tiny tins I just got. How tiny are they? Just 1" by 2", the perfect home for wee fairies.

Each tin has a little scrapbook paper in the background, some moss, and some tiny mushrooms, which are actually the ends of floral stamens, simply dipped in glue and nestled in the moss. The tops of two of the shrines are made with circular medallions that are bent to allow them to stand up.

The gentleman fairy’s large star is held in place using Apoxie Sculpt.

The ballerina fairy has caught a falling star. Make a wish!

I love these little tins for their small size: they make for a quick project. Plus, it’s a fun challenge to find things that are small enough to fit in there.

Thanks for checking them out!


These are like little pieces of magic! So cute and full of wonder! I can’t imagine working that small and admire your talents. :slight_smile:


Sweet! I love tiny!

So cute and magical!! What a great idea, using the floral stamens as mushrooms! They work perfectly!

You’ve packed just the right amount of teensy weensy detail into each one! Brilliant use of floral stamens!

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Small space, big impact! Love them!!

So cute! (And now I need to go write on the chalkboard 100 times “I do not need to buy tiny tins”…)


These are so, so sweet!

Adorable! :heart:

Oh my goodness! These are so wonderful.

These make my heart go pitty-pat! So adorable!

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These are absolutely brilliant!

So teeny! So tiny! So perfect!

So tiny and fun!

These are just perfect. :heart:

Good grief, how do you manage all those itty-bitty bits. Did the fairies help you? If so, they made beautiful tins!

No fairies, just toothpicks and other pokey things to help those danged little mushrooms get placed. :smiley:

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Oooh! So teeny tiny!!! Cute!

They are just beautiful :heart_eyes: It’s amazing how you manage those tiny bits and pieces - they must be so fiddly! Impressive!

Wahoo! Your wonderful project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Thanks for sharing it here with us!

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