Three velvet throws

I’ve made three of these throws. They are very simple but very luxe. In each case it’s vintage velvet and a soft silky fringe.

Backed with brocade. Embroidered linen and a kind of crepe de chine. All from stash and all destined to be gifts for some of my lovely women.

They are each about 2m X 1m ( 80"*40" ish)


What lovely and luxurious gifts! And at the perfect time of year for a lush and cozy throw.

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These are all so lush and perfect. I covet the first one something fierce. :heart_eyes:

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I couldn’t help but read your title to the tune of ‘5 golden rings…’ lol. These are really nice and look very luxe indeed!

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Wow, really luxurious!

Those look and sound delightfully cozy! Perfect for winter!

Me too! And I can’t ever make another one. The embroidered linen was a remnant from a number of years ago and it took all of it. But it is going to my lovely sister, who’s had rough times. I hope it’ll bring her comfort


Lovely work!

Awesome! I love how they are simple, but utterly decadent at the same time. Heck yeah for using the good stuff!


Those are gorgeous!

These look like they’d be perfect to snuggle under with a good book. :hearts:

So beautiful and lux!!!

They look so nice and warm! Perfect for winter. They will feel nice and heavy with that brocade backing.

So gorgeous!

:confetti_ball: Congratulations! :confetti_ball:
Your wonderful craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects!

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How cool, thank you :grin:


Those look super fancy and warm, definitely a thoughtful present for a loved one :heart:


Super luxe & beautiful. Each of them is really nice, my fave is still that last one though. The colours! I just love those fabrics together.

And unfortunately due to Covid, one of them is still waiting until we get to my sister’s to give it to her. She was a close contact, now it looks likely that we are too. Bloody Covid.

But I’m delighted you guys are all negative and you get to see your Aunt xx