Thrifty bath mat

Our bathroom has an odd size and it’s small. And we’ve put a cabinet in there since it lacks storage, which makes it even smaller. Finding a bath mat with the dimensions we want means spending $30-$50 and I’m a cheapskate.

So when I found a couple of large quilted pillow shams at the thrift store (at 1/2 price, too!) I decided they would become a bathmat.

The backing is an old towel- still in decent shape but ugly. I could have saved more $$ if I’d been willing to take the time to make my own binding but I was feeling pressed for time. As it was, I spent about $13 making this. I’m thinking that’s a pretty decent savings.

I may make another one later. It would be good to have a spare to trade out when one is in the laundry- I want stuff that I can wash! If I make a second one, perhaps I will take the time to make my own binding.


This is such a great mat! It has a classy, modern look, and the shape of it is so functional.

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Thank you! We shall see how well it holds up!

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What a clever idea! Looks great.

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Well that is clever, thrifty, & good lookin’ too.
You don’t have to cut the binging on the bias for straight sides, it can just be straight cuts. Works perfectly & is so much easier.

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Nice! We have a saying in this house: “everything is custom.” Making a custom-fit mat totally fits the bill.

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Thanks guys!

This mat is just so dang smart! I really love that you were able to reimagine shams into a mat and make use of a good, but ugly towel to do this. CLEVER!

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Thank you!

Rugs are one of those things that are always soooo expensive, yet can be made with absolutely dirt cheap materials. I’ve made several for my home, and I think you did a great job with this one! The fact that it can be tossed into the washer gives it an immediate +999999 bonus points in my opinion.