Through the Witch's Garden shawl

Wow, it looks so complicated! I hope you get first prize at the fair! And, yes, when you take more pics, show us how it looks.


That’s beautiful work! I’m also nerding out over the stellar blocking work you’ve done. That must have taken ages too.

Clearly I need to invest in blocking wires if/when I knit something suitably lacy that needs a straight edge.


Oh, I see the wire now! I don’t know anything much about blocking but I’ll have to look that up. Cool.
I’d love to see it off the mat, I bet the drape is fantastic.

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I think it told about 15 min. I’ve really gotten blocking down to a science at this point. :laughing:


Just gorgeous.

So I have a (probably) dumb question, I looked at the pattern and it says to use circular needles. But this isn’t knit in the round, so why would you use circular needles, I get that you can get to the end of a row and turn back like on straight needles, but I don’t understand why circular ones are specified??

And bonus dumb question, where do you even start with a shape like this?


I can answer the circular question : the project gets too long for regular needles to hold so the cord between the circs holds the middle of the project as you work.

And P.S. there are no dumb questions in crafts! Ask alllll the ques!


If you look at her Ravelry page, you can see she has progress pics showing the start. It’s in the middle of the flat edge and increased from there. I’m sure @CraftsUntold can give you better details! I’ve never done a shawl like this.


That makes sense, thanks.

@Abbeeroad I’ll check it out


Hi there!! You can work back and forth on circular needles for large projects. Or any project really. :blush:

This shawl starts with a “garter tab”. A very small rectangle is knit, then you pick up stitches among the edge, and increases are made as you knit along. This is a half-pi construction, so the designer has made the increases happen on a few specific rows after knitting for so long. Math and such. :laughing:


Thank you, that makes loads of sense