Thumbnails in Completed Projects Lists

Did we lose thumbnails in Completed Projects lists? I haven’t seen them for a few days, at least. Example: On the homepage, under Home & Garden I will select Completed Projects. Then I get a list of the titles down the left side and on the right are the circles with avatars in them with replies, views, etc. to the right of that. I am using Chrome for Linux.

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They are missing in a few places but there earlier today :frowning:

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Yeah, I’ve noticed them missing too. @sweets4ever, do you know what’s going on?

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Sorry I didn’t see this sooner, but this was repaired. :heart:


@sweets4ever - It hasn’t been fixed on the Swap board, any of them.

Ooh, thank you! Can you please type out the actions you take to get to that exact page/view? I can see the path in your menu dropdowns, but I want to know your behavior to get there. The way I go to get there takes me here:

More info: I have found that they might not be there when I first visit, but if I refresh they show up.

Interesting! I go to Open Swaps at the top of the first page, then click the drop-down menu for what I am looking for, “new-swap-ideas”, “closed-swaps”, etc. BUT if I take the longer route of Catagories - Crafty Shenanigans - Swaps than the images are there. Huh.

Also, @TheMistressT , refreshing did not work for me. Wish it would. The other way is longer. Ha!

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Giggling to myself, cause I cannot count the number of times I ask this sort of question on a weekly basis. Thanks for all the hard work @sweets4ever