Ticker Tape Quilts - One scrap at a time

Thank you all! I’d love to see anyone’s take on this. It’s not as hard as it may seem to do. :smiley:

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Ooh! These are so inspiring! I’m so tempted to try to make one, but I’ll just add it to the list of the 1,000,000 other things on my list.


Hahahaha, I know what you mean! I wanna make, but at the moment it’s on the list at least :smiley:

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:thinking: Am I the only one who heard a sing-songy voice trill “Swaaap I-deeeeaaaa” :musical_note:


These are glorious! And you say you just sew bits down as you go…? Hm… :thinking:

I love the style of these! While the main designs themselves look great, I really love how the backgrounds look (especially the one behind the winged lady). Are the edges of the ticker tape fabrics raw?

@thanate indeed!

@AudiobookLover Yup raw edges

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How fabulous @sheepBlue ! I’m only just seeing these now thanks to @Abbeeroad 's post :pray: I think the skull one is amazing, especially the tiny skull beads on the bottom! :smiley:


Thanks! The skull beads were definitely the perfect final touch :smiley:

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