Tiny Bigfoot Ninni Sighted in Oregon!

When it comes to stuffies or dolls, Ninnis are so fun. Simple, yet they come in an amazing variety of species.

When I lived in the Pacific Northwest we were always on the lookout for bigfoot. Little did I realize that they aren’t always big hulking shy creatures, but can be sassy little beings hiding in your garden. Note the camouflage this one sports.


Oh my gosh those feet! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Those feet are too cute! He looks like a trouble maker!

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OMG how cute is this? Ahh, I can hardly even stand it!

Just love that he blends in so well… :joy: …barely caught a glimpse, so well camouflaged!

The feet! Killing me.

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AHHHHHHH! This lil fella is THE BEST! I think I must make sure I can do the next Ninni Swap should there be one.

Give a thankyou to @artsycandice for a pic of the rare bigfoot Ninni feet. Now you know how they run so fast.


Ack! So cute! The feet, the fur!

This is so adorable! I love the backing fabric and those teensy toes! What a great idea to make Bigfoot have real feet!

Super freaking cute!

:unicorn: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your cool craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :gift_heart:


Oh, that little bigfoot will be so happy…if we can catch him!


hahaha cuuuuute!

Soooooo cute!! Love the feet!

Just adorable!

Adorable! I love the leafy patterned fabric you chose for the back,

Good heavens…those feet! This Bigfoot ninni is too stinkin’ cute!!!

That is so cute! I love his little feet :heart_eyes:

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