Tiny dog amigurumi

Made this little guy for the recent Little Good Things swap.

The pattern was from Allison Hoffman’s book, AmiguruME Pets… although mine didn’t quite come out the same as her version!
Here is a side view of my little guy:

He’s about 2 inches tall.


He is the cutest! I want 100 just like him! That bowtie though! It’s almost longer than he is!

I’ve always had a thing for mini schnauzers and their chops/whiskers/beards, and tiny amigurumi (for as long as I’ve known of it), so this checks off a lot of my happy-boxes. :grin:

He is super cute. I love the fluffy little whiskers!

Adorable!! Did you use embroidery floss for the material?

He’s so handsome with his checked bow! I can’t believe how small he is; that is some tiny crocheting!

@pottermouth, It’s a thin yarn that’s sold near the crochet thread at some craft stores. It came in a cake with 3 colors. I untwisted the three strands and used those for the whiskers.

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He is unbelievably cute!! So clever with the tiny crochet!

I just commented on the little bear, then I came across this little cutie… Awwwwww instant love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

He makes me think of Snowy, the dog of Tintin (had to google the names haha)
Love every little part of your amigurumi! :metal:t2:

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I love him! So little and cute. Great whiskers.

How adorable! Not sure if it’s supposed to be a mini schnauzer, but it totally reminds me of mine! :slight_smile:

Well, this is just too adorable!

Love him :heart:

Sometimes it takes more than following a pattern, but it is still cute, and you can always try again later :smiley: to be honest it’s so tiny I’m amazed even if it doesn’t look the same

I appreciate the extra effort you put into the feetsies embroidery. Details win every time.

also, DOGS!!

I love this! He is so cute and would look adorable displayed anywhere!

Oh my, so teeny and sweet. This is really just the best.