Tiny Golden Snitch Ornament

For the ongoing ornament swap, I created a little golden snitch or @tapestry. The mini snitches are very fast and sneaky. Hard to see, but when captured give the team special gifts and powers!

The snitch is a little styrofoam ball painted gold. The wings and details are glitter paper, also painted gold (I didn’t have the right color of gold available). I cut out the wings, cut the feathery bits and used invisible thread to wrap onto a piece of aluminum wire. Then glued into the ball. Now, a light styrofoam ball and heavier wings do cause a balance problem, so after I got it to balance, I had to patch the extra holes and repaint! I also added a little lead weight behind the bottom bead to help balance. Whew.


This looks very authentic! Great job!

I’m lucky I got a picture…those things are fast!


Lovely ornament!
Gone in the blink of an eye though…, lol.

I love the wings! You did an amazing job on this snitch. :slight_smile:

Thank you all. It’s not my first snitch! (that sounds a bit creepy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). But it is the smallest at about 1 inch diameter for the ball.

Beautifully done!

Nicely done, great idea to use a weight.


This is truly spectacular and so beautiful!

How cool is this? SUPER!

This is really cool!!!

I love your work!!