Tiny grumpy moon face assemblage

This assemblage is on a 2”x4” canvas. My normal assortment of random object plus a moon face molded from polymer clay


Did you sculpt the moon face?

No it was a mold. Just shove it full of clay and carefully remove. I just had to sand it in a couple places after baking.

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Very cool assemblage! I love the moon… as well as the way the hearts and the feather and the bell are arranged around it.

The number or bits all painted to be one set of colors make the small size kind of hard to wrap one’s head around initially. COOL! I love that you’ve added a main object that you made and is also just a bit bigger than the rest of the components.

I love him! Grumpy rules!


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What a gorgeous little assemblage! That moon and the hearts make it so moody and sweet all at the same time.

I love his expression and the way you buffed the metallics. Knew it was yours immediately!

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