Tiny Hedgehog Shrine

Here’s a little shrine I made in a jeweler’s tin to house a tiny wooden hedgehog I painted. I put a mushroom image in the background, added some moss, and then placed the hedgie and a tiny mushroom inside, along with a small ladybug.

A small leaf garland and crepe ribbon wrap the outside, and it’s all tied up with a bow. This was a fun, quick little piece. Bonus: I still have squirrels, acorns, leaves, and another hedgehog to play with later!



Swoon! That is the cutest little shrine ever.

So cute! <3

Oooh, cute! I like hedgie’s little nose and pink cheeks :slight_smile:

So sweet.

Omg. I love hedgehogs. This is an adorable shrine.

So very cute!

Another cute project! And sooo tiny :astonished: Great work!!

Thanks, everyone! I really enjoyed this project because I “designed” it while not sleeping at 3:30 a.m., and then put it together in under an hour the next day. :smiley:


Hedgie!!! :green_heart::hedgehog::green_heart:

The little hedgie! So cute!

I do love a little shrine! And this little hedgie is adorable! :hedgehog:

I think that tiny leaf garland is my favorite part! What a sweet touch.

Your work is always so cool and so fun. Love the mushrooms and the little hedgie!

So cute! The leaf garland is the perfect border :herb:

I really like the shrine, I love hedgehogs and other critters like that :smiley: really cute and well put together.

Sooo cute and teeny!

Perfect in every way!

Love your tiny hedgehog shrine! The hedgehog looks like it’s dancing among the shrooms! :slight_smile: