Tiny Kiki Doll

I joined the OTT swap for the first time. I want to say that you really don’t understand how small 4 inches is until you have to make something smaller than 4 inches. I used this pattern for sizing purposes but not the tutorial.

I decided to make Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service. She obviously needed her broom, her bag, and her companion, Jiji.

Kiki and her broom are 4 inches tall.

Jiji is much smaller.

Some in progress shots:

Needle felting the tiny head

Hand sewing the body and limbs:

Stuffing tiny body parts:

Attaching the head and limbs to the body and legs:

I added a face and then individually added each strand of hair and topped her head with Kiki’s iconic bow. I have never been able to figure out how to do wefts so they look nice so individual strands of hair it is.

The broom was made from a stick and pine needles from our property. This was before I realized the broom was taller than 4 inches. Once I noticed, I cut the broom so it was 4 inches exactly.


You got so much detail in such a small item… she looks great!


She came out great and you did such a lovely job on the doll and her accessories!


She is so cute. I was wondering how you got the curve to her face. It never occurred to me about needle felting. Everything turned out so cute!

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She and her kitty are so delightful!

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Super freakin cute! Our two year old is currently obsessed with Kiki and Totoro. I might have to make her a (bigger) Kiki doll!

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You did an amazing job!! It was instantly recognizable as Kiki and Jiji. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love the use of needle felting for the head base shaping. Super cute and effective! I also am terrible at wefts, and usually use individual strands when I make small dolls. Everything about this is delightful! :hibiscus:

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Kiki is definitely loved. :purple_heart: She turned out adorable. Thank you for crafting for me!


Kiki is adorable! She turned out amazing!

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It is so hard to explain to people that smaller is actually much harder than making things mid sized. (Super big has its own problems.)